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12 Year Service Plan

Why do I need it?

Now that your cooling and heating unit is installed, you want to make sure it lasts! Like any other high-quality machine, your system needs to be properly taken care of to ensure it's efficiency and longevity.  

When you purchase a 12-Year Service Plan, you receive yearly service and a full 12 years of free labor to cover anything that happens to your system to match the 12-year parts and compressor warranty from Mitsubishi. This service plan includes:

  • Maintaining high equipment efficiency that leads to dollars saved

  • Extending the overall lifetime of the unit significantly

  • Keeping your space more comfortable longer

  • Providing early detection of possible malfunction issues

What does it include?

The 12-Year Service Plan includes a yearly maintenance visit to your space by a trained HVAC technician. Maintenance tasks will include:

  • Cleaning air filters, or replacing with new filters cracking or other damage is discovered

  • Cleaning off the evaporator coils in the inside unit and condenser coils of the outside unit

  • Ensuring all pipe connections are in prime condition

  • Checking for pipe vibration that can eventually lead to damage

  • Checking all electrical and mechanical connections for issues

Fixing an Air Conditioner

12 Year Complete Warranty


As ACE HVAC is a Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor, you are able to take advantage of our exclusive care protection plan-The Diamond Contractor Twelve-Year Product Warranty for M&P Products (some exclusions may apply). This exclusive benefit offers you a  twelve-year limited warranty on compressors, as well as twelve years on parts, giving you the added peace of mind that your new investment will last in good hands.

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